Q – Can you suggest a striking narrow tree to grow next to a prominent seat in my garden?

A – Lots of people like the idea of an attractive tree planted next to their garden bench or swing seat but don’t want to be sitting under a shady canopy. One of the best types of tree for this purpose are known as fastigiate, which are tall and narrow growing; they are very popular where space is limited or if a contrast of height is needed in the garden.

Good examples of this type of tree are Lombardy Popular, Italian Cypress, Fastigiate Oak, Fastigiate Beech and a wealth of smaller ornamental trees such as the charming pink flowering cherry Prunus Amanogawa or the flowering crab apple ‘tschonskii’. Any one of these lovely trees will act as a natural statement, that automatically draws the eye and seems to look exactly right planted next to or very near to a beautiful or ornate piece of garden furniture.