So how could a garden love seat possibly be good for your health? A valid question but you will like the answer. A love seat, often known as a companion seat or even a duo seat, is designed for two people to sit closely together and share the beauty of the garden, as well as each other’s company.

It is the perfect way to participate in an intimate outdoor experience while being comfortably seated and relishing the latest gosssip or an exchange of ideas, all with the luxury of a bottle of wine, a pot of coffee or even a full afternoon tea for two.

In today’s frenetic world, where no one seems to have time to even eat a meal together and pressure of work and financial worry can take a grave physical and metal toll, people have almost lost the art of relaxation. However it has been medically proved that sitting quietly for even fifteen minutes at a time and confide close thoughts with someone you trust can actually repair a lot of the damage instigated by modern stress and driving yourself relentlessly day after day.

For this reason alone something like a comfy wooden love or companion seat is a real aid for good health and longevity since it positively encourages couples, or close friends, to take time out to be with each other without feeling guilty or harassed. Probably this is due to the fact that when this unusual piece of outdoor furniture is standing alone in an attractive garden it seems to be crying out for two people to go and enjoy the tangible pleasures of being outside in the fresh air, surrounded by birdsong and savouring all the ambrosial mixed scents of an English summer garden. What in this world could be better for your health than that?