A traditional seat for a tree whether it a wooden or metal tree seat is the perfect addition for almost any garden that sports a tree large enough to hold it. This is because plain and simply this kind of unique garden seating enhances a tree, while offering a shady place to sit and enjoy the garden views in any direction, creating many vistas.

Since many tree seats are often made of metal sections, or metal and wood combined they can quite easily be made polygonal rather than circular. The joy of owning a tree big enough and grand enough to support a tree seat gives a huge sense of pride for many garden owners who often associate tree seats with the huge private estates or National Trust properties.

This said they are becoming increasingly popular now even in small town gardens where perhaps a large tree dominates the garden but by adding a seat what was possibly a nuisance becomes somewhere that is relaxing, peaceful and charming all through the seasons and provides somewhere to watch wild birds or amusing squirrels.

The best type of trees to support and warrant a seat are huge specimens like oak, beech, sycamore, ash and some very old fruit trees, as these are sturdy enough to do the job and won’t sway in high winds. More brittle and bendy trees such as small ornamental trees, conifers, birch, willow, elder and alder are not that suitable. If you don’t have the right type of tree for a seat at the moment don’t give up you will have to plant for the future or your kid’s future and will it to grow really fast, because every garden should have a tree seat!