A few years ago for most people wooden garden furniture was the only acceptable material. Nowadays of course this is no longer true as there are so many more modern options. However for many outdoor living lovers wooden garden furniture is still their favourite option. This is possibly because it has a number of advantages over other popular materials that can be used for outdoor dining; metal tables and chairs for instance. Although, in the end, it does come down to personal choice.

Wood has a unique beauty, if properly cared for it is durable, it is timeless, easy to maintain and above all it blends quite naturally into its outside surroundings. In addition to being very attractive it lends itself to so many styles from classic Lutyens benches to utility picnic tables.

When it is well crafted from high quality wood you are unlikely to find more stunning outdoor chairs and tables. Since there are so many different types of wood, you can choose from any number of exciting timber hues and styles to match your garden.

If you also elect to stain or paint your wooden garden furniture this gives you even more ability to control the appearance of your furniture. This customisation makes it possible to get just the look you are striving for.

There is such a huge selection of different wooden garden furniture styles that there is something to suit everyone and their individual outdoor space. As most gardens are formed around shrubs and trees, wooden furniture blends in naturally with the environment. Overall, outdoor tables and chairs made from wood, can be very uplifting and elegant furniture in the garden can certainly make visiting guests feel comfortable as well as acting as a relaxing oasis and outside dining area for the homeowner.

Quality wooden furniture is also pretty durable if it is treated right which is vital for something that is going to be placed outdoors with rain, wind, snow and hot sunshine to contend with. It must be said that in time, if the wood is not properly protected, then it can split, shrink or even rot so  although wooden garden furniture has a natural durability, it still requires care which normally involves regular cleaning to remove dirt and algae and oiling with proper preparations; it should last a life time. All of this just goes to show why this type of furniture is still a hot favourite with garden lovers everywhere.