Unusual Garden Benches

An unusual garden bench will complement almost any garden, no matter what size or shape, since they are not only practical but also look great in a variety of places. A piece of special furniture like this is an excellent way to add style and decoration to an outdoor living area. No matter what type of bench is chosen it should be in keeping with the existing look and feel of the garden. If an unusual bench is to be used for purely ornamental purposes the material it is made from need not to be highly durable, however if it is to be placed in high traffic area you will need to ensure that the bench is sturdy and be up to plenty of use.

Highly ornate or unusual benches may look great, but not be so practical as a plainer piece of furniture. You may have to make your mind up whether style is more important than comfort, especially if this type of seat is more for ornamental purposes than to actually sit on. Where comfort may be an issue though cushions can be purchased separately to help make your bench more comfortable for the users. You will find that there are a whole mass of benches available that are unusual either because of the material they are made from or, because of their own unique style. Some are made from reclaimed teak while others are formed from an old cartwheel or an ox cart door. These are so many splendid designs to look at from metal scroll two seater benches to garden storage benches or planter box garden benches that sometimes it is nearly impossible to make a choice.

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