Water Garden Features & Waterfalls

Water garden features such as a fountain, a cascade, a waterside statue, pouring water jugs or a waterfall always adds an extra dimension to any garden, especially if it is moving. It can be used to make a central feature in its own right, or it can be used to complement other key elements in the garden including planting and outdoor structures. Water garden features can take many forms ranging from stainless steel spheres in a tiny pond to a huge three tier stone cascade or a giant shiny metal feature set in the middle of a lake. Water can even be made to emerge from the centre of a millstone, a large granite water feature or a wall-mounted trickle fountain before disappearing through a pile of rocks or cobbles into a concealed underground source.

When planning installation of any type of water feature research it thoroughly and check out local regulations. You will need to plan for a healthy water system designed specifically for the needs of plants, fish and of course people. It is not merely a matter of sound construction and proper installation of pipework, pumps, filters and associated electrical supply. However once it is up and running and giving you untold pleasure all the trouble will have been well worthwhile. Do remember though to suit your water feature to the scale of your garden and bear in mind that an abrupt change of level is the ideal place to put a waterfall.

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