White & Natural Garden Parasols

A white parasol can be a stunning feature in any garden with natural coloured parasols often being a subtle alternative. But whether natural coloured or white, parasols of this style are ideal for relaxing under during balmy evenings or hot, bright days. There is a wide range to choose from too and lots of different prices to suit your budget. A quality, hardwood framed natural coloured parasol can be obtained for a reasonable price while a more unique design and style made from Karro wood, laminated for extra strength, can create an elegant focal point in your garden if your purse strings will stretch.

These beautiful parasols come with a variety of canopies to choose from including octagon, rectangular or square and for true shade control there are tilting and cantilever versions. Don’t worry about natural or white colours being difficult to keep clean because there are many available that consist of canopy materials that can be cleaned easily and even removed to be washed in the domestic washing machine. If sun safety is a key consideration then you might want look for a parasol with a high UV protection factor to offer a heavenly haven from the sun’s rays.

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