Wooden Garden Chairs

Wooden garden chairs are a wonderful addition to gardens of any shape or size since they show their true worth when you need to spend a relaxation period outside the house in a comfortable seat, that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor haven. A well built, good quality garden chair, made from wood, should be durable enough to withstand the ups and downs of the British weather without any ill effects. It should also be light enough and easy to move if it is not going to stay in one position all the time.

Since they normally live outside this type of seat has to be able to cope with a climate that ranges from hot sunshine to driving rain, without splitting or warping; which is why it is rarely worth investing in a cheap version. Wooden garden chairs come in many shapes and sizes and in a variety of natural timber from traditional teak to pine and even oak. Just bear in mind that the chair you choose should fit beautifully into its surroundings taking into account the style and colour scheme of where it is going to be placed.

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